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Applications for IC CAE Scholar Scholarships and Grants

The BGS IC CAE provides IC CAE Scholars with scholarships and grants to help offset the cost of academic-related pursuits. BGS IC CAE funding can be used for study/ semester abroad programs, conference participation/presentation, advanced training (e.g., critical/advanced language instruction), research projects, internship stipends, and other activities that help prepare students for intelligence and security careers.

The BGS IC CAE has awarded over $150,000 in grants and scholarships over the past three years. This funding has enabled IC CAE Scholars to study in 10 countries around the world, attend and present at numerous national conferences, fund costs associated with internships at the local, state, and federal levels, and receive advanced training (Advanced Technical Intelligence Center [ATIC]).

As for terminology, a scholarship can be applied to activities for which you receive college credit, such as a semester/study abroad. A grant is for activities for which college credit is not earned, such as conference participation.

Please note there is considerable prior coordination and required supporting documentation as part of the application process, especially for semester/study abroad activities. Therefore, students should start as early as possible to complete the prior coordination and obtain the program approvals and supporting documents required for the application.

Supported Activities

Undergraduate and graduate students may apply for scholarships and grants for the following activities related to the intelligence and security field:

1. Semester Abroad and Study Abroad Programs (minimum of 4 weeks required).

2. Advanced Language Instruction (must have completed two semesters of basic instruction).

3. Critical Language Instruction (Arabic (all dialects), Chinese-Mandarin, Afghan-Dari, Persian-Farsi, Georgian, Hindi, Punjabi, Kirghiz, Afghan-Pushto, Russian, Somali, Hausa, Turkish, Urdu, Uzbek, Korean or other lesser commonly taught languages—must have completed two semesters of basic instruction in the critical language if available at the student’s home university).

4. Internship Stipends.

5. Research Projects.

6. Conference Participation (student must be making a presentation at the conference).

7. Other activities preparing students for intelligence and security careers.
Eligibility Requirements

In order to be eligible for a BGS IC CAE scholarship or grant, students must be an enrolled student, a confirmed IC CAE Scholar in good standing at his/her university, and be a U.S. citizen. If a student is planning for an activity that is four weeks or longer (e.g., all study/semester abroad programs), he/she must be confirmed as an IC CAE Scholar two semesters prior to the expected trip to allow for illustration of engagement with the BGS IC CAE. For example, if a student is planning for a summer activity that is four weeks or longer, he/she must be confirmed as an IC CAE Scholar by the end of the preceding fall semester.

Scholarship and Grant Awards

The amount of BGS IC CAE scholarships and grants awarded will depend on the number of applications, the quality of applications, and the amount of funding available. Please note that the awarding of scholarships and grants is competitive as IC CAE Scholars from all BGS IC CAE affiliated institutions are eligible to apply. Therefore, IC CAE Scholar participation points and GPA are two of the most heavily weighted decision criteria.

If you are interested in semester/study abroad activities, please plan for an award maximum of $2,000 for activities that are 4 to 7 weeks in length. Applications for semester/study activities of 8 or more weeks should plan for a $3,000 maximum. The same rules apply for other activities with similar lengths, such as advanced training programs like the Advanced Technical Intelligence Center (ATIC) Analyst Boot Camp (ABC) Program. Again, actual awards may be different (higher or lower) based on the characteristics of the applications received.

Application Deadlines

The only specific deadline for applications is for summer activities. Scholarship and grant applications for summer activities are due no later than March 1st.

For activities in the fall and spring semester, students should turn in their application as soon as possible as there not a specific deadline. However, applications must be submitted prior to the activity ends. For example, it is encouraged that applications for internship stipends be submitted prior to the start of the internship, but must be submitted prior to the internship ending. However, applications for activities that require travel (i.e., conference presentations) must be submitted prior to the event.

Please note there are additional study/semester abroad programs available in the fall and spring semesters as well as the winter intersession. Applications for these activities outside of the summer semester should follow the deadlines set forth by the study/semester abroad program and the institution’s education aboard office. However, applications for BGS IC CAE funding must be submitted in advance of the study/semester abroad.

Application Requirements

To apply for IC CAE Scholar scholarships and grants, students must submit a formal application utilizing the downloadable form on this page (see link at the bottom of the page). Applications will not be accepted in any other format. Further, all applications must complete and provide all requested information. Applications missing information will be rejected and not considered for funding. Of particular importance is a confirmed list of the dates, event titles, and IC CAE Scholar participation points assigned for all activities in the previous 12 months because it measures a student’s engagement with the program and is one of the main evaluation criteria. Therefore, funding applications must include a detailed list of their confirmed program engagement activities or their application will be rejected. Although students should keep a record of their activities, a confirmed list can be obtained by contacting their institution’s co-director listed at the end of this page. Lastly, please note that if an activity requires foreign travel (i.e., study/semester aboard), students must provide of a copy of their current and valid U.S. Passport signature and photo page.

Submission Instructions

For questions or assistance in completing IC CAE Scholar scholarship and grant applications, or to submit completed applications, please contact your representative BGS IC CAE co-director.

Eastern Kentucky University, University of Kentucky, and Marshall University: Dr. Brian Simpkins, Stratton 282,

Kentucky State University: Dr. Mara Merlino, Hathway 229,

Morehead State University: Dr. Michael Hail, Combs 110B,

Review, Approval, and Decision Notification

Review of submitted applications and final decisions will be completed by a committee comprised of the directors at all BGS IC CAE affiliated institutions. Decisions regarding approval of funding and the amount will be made within two weeks of application submission. Students will be notified by the co-director representing their institution via e-mail as to the decision regarding their application.


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